Gravience Redressal

HSHFL realizes that quick and effective handling of complaints as well as prompt corrective & preventive actions to improve processes are essential to provide excellent customer service to all segments of customers.

To achieve this, HSHFL has made a clearly documented policy for redressal of customer grievances in line with NHB circular: NHB/ND/DRS/Pol-No.34/2010-11. Through this policy, HSHFL will ensure that a suitable mechanism exists for receiving and addressing complaints from its customers / constituents with specific emphasis on resolving such complaints fairly and expeditiously regardless of sources of the complaints.

The guiding principles of the approach to grievance redressal are as follows:

i. Transparency: The customer shall be provided with information regarding the channels they can access to service their requirements and resolve their issues. In addition, the turn - around - time for issues to be addressed including investigation and resolution shall be communicated transparently.

ii. Accessibility: HSHFL shall enable the customers to avail of services through multiple published channels.

iii. Escalation: Information on the process of escalation of complaints to the next level in case the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the current level, will be made available in the branches/website

iv. Customer Education: HSHFL shall endeavor to make continuous efforts to educate its customers.

v. Review: HSHFL shall have forums at various levels to review customer grievances and enhance the quality of customer service.

All customers are treated fairly and without bias at all times

  • All customers are treated fairly and without bias at all times
  • All issues raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and resolved on time
  • Customers are made completely aware of their rights so that they can opt for alternative remedies if they are not fully satisfied with our response or resolution to their complaint

Complaint Definition: Any expression of dissatisfaction about a product or service that is not resolved at the first point of contact is a complaint

  • HSHFL has a system and a procedure of receiving, registering and disposing of the complaints and grievances in each of its offices
  • HSHFL’s Board has laid down a Grievance Redressal mechanism to resolve the complaints
  • In cases of any Grievances, customer may approach the in charge of Business Location where she/he had his/her account and register the complaint in ‘Complaint Register’ available with in charge
  • HSHFL would let the customers know where to find the company’s procedure of handling the complaints fairly and quickly
  • If the customer wants to make a complaint he/she would be told
    • How to do this
    • Where a complaint can be made.
    • How a complaint should be made.
    • When to expect a reply.
    • Whom to approach for Redressal.
    • What to do if customer is not happy about the outcome.
    • HSHFL staff shall help the customer with any question the customer has.
The procedure is as following: The customer can register his complaints through various means, namely:
  • Letter: Customers can lodge their complaints in writing by sending a letter to the in charge of Business Location/ Branch from where they have availed of the loan
  • Email: Customers can also email their complaints by writing to
  • Verbally: Customers can contact our Business Location/Branch and advise the staff of their Grievance. The Grievance needs to be recorded in the Complaint Register kept at Branches/ Business Locations and details forwarded to HO for Resolution
  • If the Complaint is made in writing. HSHFL will acknowledge the Complaint within 7 working days from date of receipt indicating a time frame for final response
  • If the Complaint is made verbally, a reference number would be provided to the customer to track the progress of the Complaint.
  • HSHFL will provide a its final response or explain why it needs more time to respond and shall endeavourer to do so within six weeks of receipt of a complaint and he/she should be informed how to take his/her complaint further if he/she is still not satisfied
  • When the response requires retrieval of old documents/records etc. HSHFL will revert to the customer within 30 working days of receipt of complaint
Level 1: If the customer is not satisfied, he/she may contact the Compliance/ Nodal Officer at the following address:

The Compliance Officer,
705, Arunachal Building, 19 Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi-110001
Contact: 011-43586767

Level 2: If a customer is not satisfied with the Response from Nodal Officer, He /She may Contact at the below address:

The Director,
705, Arunachal Building, 19 Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi-110001
Contact: 011-43586767

If the customer is not satisfied with the above response, he/she may write to National Housing Bank (“NHB”) at the following address:

National Housing Bank
Department of Regulation and Supervision,
Core 5A, India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003
Contact: 011-24649031-35
Fax: 011-24649030
The Complaint needs to be addressed to the Complaints Redressal Cell.

Further, NHB has launched Grievance Registration & Information Database System (GRIDS) to facilitate complaint lodging and its status tracking by the complainants lodged with NHB against Housing Finance Companies. Any Customer can type on the Internet Browser https: / / to lodge the complaint.